Friday, 6 July 2007

British Brigade not quite there yet...

Not having time to paint anything today, I did what I usually do in these circumstances-start "reviewing" (ie getting boxes out and looking at either everything I am working on or having a sort through my unpainted lead pile under our bed or in the shed)

I discovered that my 1/72 British Brigade is not quite as complete as I had thought. Although the fighting troops are all there, I still need a few odds and ends:

9 more PIAT bases
4 more Coy HQs
1 more troops base
2 more Artillery spotting bases
2 more sniper bases
2 more assault pioneer bases .

Nothing major, I will work these in alongside other projects. Variety is the spice of life.
Nothing came in the post again today. Hopefully the Raventhorpe stuff will come tomorrow morning. Then I will be able to work on it over the weekend while I am at work.


Princess Banter said...

Nothing in the post -- tsk, the postman has been eating way too much donuts again ;) Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

James said...

Hello princess banter! Your message is a surprise-who are you?
Do you play miniatures gaming?