Tuesday, 13 September 2011

40K scrap modelling

I have a boxful of bits of kits including some old GW vehicles. I think the bit in the top photo come off what is called a Rhino? Anyway I never liked the shape of this vehicle because it always seemed to be to be the wrong way up. So an hour's modelling produced these new track units. The wheels came from old 1/72 Pzr III kits I had in my bits box. I made up 22 sets (11 per side) which I then had to cut in half to make it look as if they are recessed into the hull. Drive sprockets and idler wheels (also from the Pzr III kits) are actually set into the hull. The rubber track is off an old toy tank cut to fit.
I really enjoy using up bits from my scrap box to make something new.
I was after something a bit like the Churchill tank . Will start work on the hull tomorrow. Not sure yet whether I want it to be a tank or some kind of personnel carrier.

Monday, 12 September 2011

more pics of the future tank

I will dress it up with some Old Crow and 40K accessories. The original turret I will use on another vehicle so nothing is wasted. Comments welcome.

Future tank

OK, they uploaded in the wrong order. This is my version of a "future tank" for my low tech rebel forces. The base model is a 1/35 Panzer 1F German tank, a rare WW2 type (only 40 were built) you see it here with the proper mg turret built straight from the box. The turret I replaced with a complete one from a 40K Leman Russ.

Monday, 4 July 2011

Sci Fi scratchbuild

I can't afford GW/Forgeworld vehicles so I will have to build my own. I took an old crappy plastic toy tank of indeterminate scale (1 of 2 I got a long time ago from Poundland), discarded the turret and hull top, removed the wheels (it was a push along wheeled toy) and repositioned the tracks lower down on the hull sides to give a realistic ground clearance.
I did that quite a while back then put it away again.
However, with my sci fi project I now have a need for a large transport vehicle or two and decided this would be the ideal starting point.
It was too narrow however.
So I cut the hull length ways and added a new bottom hull of a wide piece of 60 thou plastic card. The width of the hull between the tracks is now a satisfyingly fat 4 inches, and also longer than before.
However, I rushed this and found after it was glued solid the two tracks were not parallel, so had to correct this.
The photos explain everything, although they loaded up in the wrong order. Side skirts will add further width to the vehicle. More photos and explanations later as it goes on.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Pig Iron /Renegade French

Yep trust me this will work

Sci Fi Project update

Sorry no pictures again. But collecting various bits and pieces for this, looks like it is going to be a real project.

I won a few 40K bits from Ebay at low prices, mainly heavy weapons. However the 3 I bought for a couple of quid from one seller arrived all broken. The retard had put then in a jiffy bag without any extra packing at all. They could not have been more broken if he had stamped on the bag before posting it.

Thanks to my friend Mattbot however I now have 4 lascannon , 3 autocannon, 4 heavy bolters, 4 mortars and 4 bazookas to play around with on sprues that were surplus to his requirements.

The two types of cannon I will use for the fixed emplacements of the Fortess Artillery. The heavy bolters (which I don't like) I will add 40mm barrels from Old Crow on the ends, pair them up and convert them into twin anti-aircraft guns on scratchbuilt carriages.

The mortars are quite poor IMO, I only need one mortar for my weapon squad which I will scratchbuild the tube but use the GW bipod.

Crews for all the above will need to be converted . The base figures I fancy are -believe it or not- WWI early War French from Renegade as they have the exact baggy trousers and open greatcoats as the Pig Iron Kolony Militia. The heads, and detail on the torsos does not matter as this will be remodelled and heads and weapons replaced. I tried to add a photo from the web but it would not work. Maybe next post.

Monday, 6 June 2011

more thoughts on SciFi project

Been musing at work today on unit composition...I enjoy constructing Orders Of Battle..at the moment I am thinking about the Rebel units. This is my prospective Rebel force , subject to change of course; it will represent a fortified section of the front bordering the Wastelands.

Commander, Robot, Technician, (Pig Iron) other figures as needed.

Force Troops:
2 x 10 man Conscript Squads. These from Pig Iron. Standard Kolony militia made up from all the various sets. One squad has option to be motorized, various converted scratch built vehicles.

1 x 10 man Veteran Squad. Pig Iron Kolony Rebels, some light conversion. These are a unit that has been in action so long they are now contaminated at gene level and can no longer return home. They know they are dead men walking and have a fierce esprit de corps. May paint them up with special unit insignia or something. They are extremely important to the commander, used for long range patrols and intelligence gathering.

1 x 7- man Elite Squad. Ironwind Neo Soviets. Just because I have a few already.

I Walker squad. 3 Warzone models, crew fitted with Pig Iron heads.

1 x Weapon squad. Pig Iron Kolony Militia missile set, perhaps with addition of a 40K tripod mounted weapon or 2.

1 x tank. Converted 1/35 panzer IF.

Mercenary Troops.
This sector of the front has received reinforcement from High Command of 1 or 2 squads max of offworld mercenary troops. The mercs available to the Rebel government are of variable quality, have their own different weapons and equipment. These are old Warzone figures I already own. Only available during games where attack is planned.

Fortified Base Troops.
This sector of the front has an allotment of heavy weapons . These will be from Old Crow and few GW 40K models I pick up off Ebay. The crews of these are only nominally under the command of the unit commander, belonging to a Fortress unit.

Wasteland Units.
Outside the security of the base lies the terrible ruined Wastelands..... There are some units here under the command of the Sector HQ.

1x 10 man Feral Militia squad (Pig Iron Ferals) These are the remnants of soldiers who have been in action for decades, now physically manky, mutated and damaged.... however to counter the new threat of the Union Genetic Troopers, the Rebel government has re-equipped certain of these and banded them into adhoc units..they fight in return for food and medicines. They are however of low quality.

1x mutant handler squad. See fluff a couple of posts back. 1 handler and 3 mutants. All to come from Ironwind.

1 x Cyclops squad. 1 handler and 3 cyclops. Ironwind.

1 Chemgrunt squad. Ironwind. Because the minis are so damn cool.