Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Progress Pictures

I thought I had better take a few photos before I went any further. The one already undercoated I have added a string to his crossbow with 5 amp fuse wire and a wire bolt in the slide. The two Grenadier knights are now glued to their new Front Rank horses and the bases have been textured. They told me they are much happier.

Happiest of all is the Warrior leader figure waving the sword, with the extra metal removed from his arse he fits the Front Rank horse a treat. He just needs a little extra work- some putty on his gauntlet to fill in the gap. That and the undercoating will be done tonight.
The one still dismounted is the other Warrior figure, his saddle is removed but he needs his lance attaching with wire to his arm and a new hand sculpted around it. Not feeling confident about that job but will have a go at that either tonight or tomorrow..


Rock Chef said...

These guys are going to look great! I have still got no enthusiasm for painting, but I am now working on the pack for the Poitiers battle day. Something at least!

James said...

Are we talking the SOA Battle day? Hey that has came out quite early...I may come down again and join in the game if you don't mind..what rules you thinking of using? Big set piece battle like that..guess that would be stretching the Crusader rules beyond their capabilities..a good test maybe? If you did it in 25mm I could contribute some painted archers maybe a few other types too.