Friday, 16 May 2008

Helicopters in Afriboria

Been ruminating helicopter rules for the US forces.

1) Each unit needs a helicopter each to move (ie a "platoon" would need 2 and a "company" 4 choppers) . This would make them the same as motorised (unarmoured) troops.

2) Only Air Cavalry units would have dedicated helicopters assigned to them (making them equivalent to cavalry.) These choppers would only carry their assigned units and no other.

3) Everybody else (artillery, ARVN, bog-standard grunts) will have to take helicopters from a general pool if available. There will never be enough to go around, I am thinking of a ratio of one Huey to every three (non Air Cav) unit. So for example a US army of 16 units would have a total of 6 helicopter models of which 2 would be in dedicated Air Cav units.

4) Units carried by helicopter may move, dismount and battle OR mount and move (as unit card) This ends their turn.

5) To counter the greater mobility of the US forces, The NVA would have 2 heavy MG units for every 3 helicopters the US has.

Any comments?


Chief Rock Chef said...

Bearing in mind that I don't know how the Afriboria rules work,these ideas sound good.

With AA fire I think the chances of actually bringing a chopper down should be low - main effects should be to drive them off and to cause damage that grounds them for a certain amount of time after they return to base.

James said...

Yes I need to experiment in order to find the correct balance. Maybe I will start with a 50% chance of destruction and see how that goes before adjusting.

Say John do you know any good online tutorials for making 28mm palm trees? Surprisingly Matakishi has none.

Chief Rock Chef said...

Not off-hand! I would thinkh they would be a bit tricky!