Thursday, 15 May 2008

More Brits

While I was in the photo mood I took a couple more. The vehicles are all Skytrex with a mix of Skytrex and Brittania soldiers.
The second photo I was experimenting to try t get a good group shot. Not happy with this result. These are all Raventhorpe miniatures from some time ago, I no longer gloss varnish.
In the LSNC rules we use this group would represent a company of 3 platoons and a command base of officer and signaller. Bases are 40mm diameter.


Rock Chef said...

Nice work! I have not done any WW2 for ages - it always seems to be something that is infinitely huge once you start planning things.

James said...

Yes you are right about that. The variety of weapons systems and vehicles is to blame I guess. WWII is never "finished"