Thursday, 15 May 2008

Old stuff

Some old 15mm Corvus Belli Imperial Romans. The Shields I hand painted and the whole is gloss varnished. Basing is for Vis Bellica.


Rock Chef said...

They look great!

I like the 60mm bases, but I have gone the other way now - 6mm figures on 20mm bases! Yikes!

James said...

Do you remember these, John? I used them for the Sambre game. I got rid of the Celt army but wanted to hang on to the Romans for sentiment's sake.

Your 6mm- how many do you get on a base? And is that 20 x 20?

Rock Chef said...

Yes, I remember them.

Yes, my bases are 20x20. Cav are 3 to a base, light cav and light foot 2 to a base, medium foot in 6s and heavy foot in 8s. A Punic Wars Legion is 176 figures plus a command base.