Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Project Madonna: first fruits

OK, these first two girls were the exceptions as they were wearing perfectly acceptable sensible armour. The only problem was that the shields were wrong, being fantasy types. I filed off the shields and added new "heater" shields as seen. These just need a clean up to be ready for painting.
These were borderline but I decided not to change them too much. Originally they both had thick high boots. I carved these away to look as if they are wearing medieval hose (as worn by men) Not sure if I will use them or not yet.

Lastly here are two views of another figure. She was wearing a chainmail shirt? (looks more like a mini dress) with bits of very decorative armour, a silly tiara in her hair and thick boots. Her weapon was already broken so I started her first as an experiment. I altered her legs into hose and scraped/filed the detail off the armour plate. Then I filed the top of her head flat and added a kettle hat cut of a Front Rank HYW figure. I will still have to do something about the weapon but I am fairly pleased with the transformation.
Any comments welcome.


Chief Rock Chef said...

They look like fun figures in a big-sword, big hair sort of way. Shame they weren't around when I played RPG games, we would have loved them.

James said...

Hi John.
Did you scroll back and have a look at my auxiliaries?

Terror Team said...

Very glad to see them in good hands, seems they found the right home at last.
Nice job on these, James!

Chief Rock Chef said...

Just looked at the auxiliaries - nice work. I need to get painting again...

terri said...

You must possess a great deal of patience! These figures are really fascinating.

Maybe you could do a vlog for your next post! ;-) I'm guessing your accent is much more charming (like Chief Rock Chef's)than my American accent! :-)