Sunday, 12 April 2009

Ma Wee Beastie

I am celebrating. This is the first thing I have finished since I can't remember when. it is an old diecast fire engine I found in a charity shop. I thought it would look good as a tractor for a BEF 2 pdr AT gun. Gun is Skytrex. All fire engine parts were removed or disguised with stowage. I built the dodgy ammunition locker on the back from plastic card, this is hiding all the pump controls. Scratchbuilt the towing attachment too. Stowage is all Skytrex except the haversacks which are Valiant. 4 of the crew are Raventhorpe from the universal range with British heads. The other two are Fantassin late war British, with weapons and haversacks cut away, and Raventhorpe head swops. You may notice one of the crew is wearing the pre war service dress and puttees. I thought why not?All the gas mask cases were scratchbuilt with milliput because I could not find my Greenstuff.The gun is on a separate base, that way if I want I can have the vehicle towing an 18/25pdr and limber. (a future project) I will have another base with the AT gun deployed and crew around it, that is my usual practice. Oh bases are not finished I need to add sand, scatter etc.


Vexillia said...

Nice one James. Finishing things is good but it's even better if you've done extra stuff.

Dinium said...

Sterling work James. It's all in the details, well done on the conversions and scratch built bits, all adds up to a piece with bags of character. Great to see you back to painting ways.

Chief Rock Chef said...

That looks great! I would never have guessed that it started as a fire engine!

But all that work for a 2 pounder? That is the most impressive part :-)