Monday, 4 July 2011

Sci Fi scratchbuild

I can't afford GW/Forgeworld vehicles so I will have to build my own. I took an old crappy plastic toy tank of indeterminate scale (1 of 2 I got a long time ago from Poundland), discarded the turret and hull top, removed the wheels (it was a push along wheeled toy) and repositioned the tracks lower down on the hull sides to give a realistic ground clearance.
I did that quite a while back then put it away again.
However, with my sci fi project I now have a need for a large transport vehicle or two and decided this would be the ideal starting point.
It was too narrow however.
So I cut the hull length ways and added a new bottom hull of a wide piece of 60 thou plastic card. The width of the hull between the tracks is now a satisfyingly fat 4 inches, and also longer than before.
However, I rushed this and found after it was glued solid the two tracks were not parallel, so had to correct this.
The photos explain everything, although they loaded up in the wrong order. Side skirts will add further width to the vehicle. More photos and explanations later as it goes on.

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Mattbot said...

Looking good so far, can't wait to see it finished!