Thursday, 20 September 2007

Horses have arrived

No sooner had I switched the computer off after my last update this morning then a package plopped through the letterbox. The Front Rank horses! I lost no time in putting the Grenadier knights on them to see how they look. You can see the German and Italian armoured knights on their respective fully armoured horses. The other Grenadier Gothic knight will go on a horse with head armour only. The other two horses are also head armour only but different styles. I deliberately wanted a lot of variation.
The two Warrior knights do not fit as they are, mainly because they come moulded with an integral saddle which I will have to carve off.
I intend to start work on all these tonight, I now have no excuse and only 5 weeks left to make the competition deadline.


Rock Chef said...

They are going to look SO good.

I love Front Rank medeivals - one day I will get some...

James said...

I have all the FR 100 years war range (well except the French personalities). I also will get the WOTR range one day. I am in the process of selling off my Old Citadel/Foundry WOTR at the moment...nearly 300 figures!!

Rock Chef said...

Those are nice too. What sort of price are you asking? I might know someone who would be interested.

James said...

It's nearly a done deal for £90 to a guy in Australia. To buy new it would be 3 times that.

Marie said...


Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Good luck with your vampire story!

James said...

Thanks Marie. I have had to shelve it for the time being but it's still there in my head. (and on a few pages of character notes and dialogue scribbles somewhere).
By the way you look well-preserved for 39 if you don't mind me saying so-I just assumed from your blog picture that you were a teenage student or something!
This puts you in line with all my other creaking crusty friends like Rock Chef

MaksimSmelchak said...

Hey James,

Great looking figures!

Thanks for posting on my blog!

Shabbat Shalom,