Saturday, 10 November 2007

The advance

The enemy gets to the town before I do.
Close up of my Hussars before they went off road. Paul bought these figures off Ebay we cannot identify the maker.
Quite a bit has gone on before this shot. I have already been shot at in the town. Here my Hussars have advanced aggressively up cannon alley and are poised to charge Paul's Hussars in the flank. Note his gun on the road by the bridge. My gun can just be seen lower left.

The first couple of turns went very well for me. The first brigade of infantry advanced quickly up the road marching in column for best speed. Paul's did likewise. However, in the second turn I got my reinforcements (a brigade of Hussars and a battery of horse artillery under command) whereas Paul did not. These quickly cantered up the road behind my infantry and both mine and Paul's foot troops marched closer to the town. Next turn we both got reinforcements, mine was another strong brigade of infantry with my last artillery battery, while Paul got his first cavalry unit, also Hussars. As his horses were approaching the bridge near his entry point, his infantry had reached the town ahead of mine and began to change formation into line. As I was still just out of range, I decided to keep my infantry in column on the road one more turn as I wanted to keep clear the junction South of the town.
My strategy was to push all my units forward of this junction to act as a shield behind which the supply unit would eventually pass.
My Hussars had by now left the road as they had quickly caught up my first brigade. Although it was very tight, I decided to deploy them up the thin strip of land between the town and the marsh. They made good progress, with the horse artillery battery on their left flank well up with the troopers. My other infantry brigade were making good speed up the road towards the town.
Next turn Pauls leading two battalions of infantry moved into the town buildings, leaving one bn in line on the road. However, because of the threat from my cavalry he deployed his accompanying battery NOT supporting the infantry but instead out on the road just past the bridge.

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