Saturday, 10 November 2007

More on the game

The enemy's leading brigade approaches the town
My general and the Brigade commander, the dice are to indicate the unit for activation purposes, and do not represent command points as in some other rules
My reinforcements in sequence order ready to come on.
My initial progress was swift. Here the first infantry have almost reached the town with the Hussars already catching them up.

This will be a bit-by- bit battle report during my breaktimes. I am hoping that I can go back to all these posts later and add photos which will save a lot of explanation. (As you can see, I did!)
Figure size was 25-28mm with infantry battalion represented by 20 figures.
Rules were Pauls home-brew Napoleonics rules, with the recent addition of the activation mechanism taken from the LSNC WWII rules.
It was played on 100mm hexes, which saves all measuring and avoids time consuming arguments and cheating.
Players: us:
Jack (10yrs old) James
Them: Paul, Mickey (7 yrs old, played until 10 o clock bedtime!)
Got to encourage the next generation of gamers......

We both started the game with only a single infantry brigade each on the table at our respective entry points, each of 2 line bns, 1 skirmish (rifle) bn and a light artillery battery. All the other units would be diced for as REINFORCEMENTS at the start of each new turn. The town was unoccupied and I was the furthest away from it.

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