Friday, 9 November 2007

Game tonight!

Nearly a whole week since I last posted. Progress on painting has been poor, but this morning I managed to finish and matt varnish ten 20mm Germans. 6 of those were my first Chiltern Germans, my "test" pieces as it were. They have been hanging around for months so it is good to get them out of the way. Photos will follow in due course.
As always when I hit a painting block I start the retail therapy as a substitute and last week was no exception. I ordered some more 1940 French and some late war British too from Fantassin in Spain. They came within a week. I now have enough French for a whole infantry battalion. The British I will paint first just to fill in gaps in my Brigade. But even they will have to wait until I have finished everything on my WIP list.
Today I accidentally finally broke the Mirliton herald, I fumbled the tray , it spilled and his trumpet snapped off. Was only a matter of time.
The BIG news is that tonight after several months I have a wargame to look forward to. Photos and report in the coming days.

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