Saturday, 10 November 2007

Game last night

Overview of most of the board, note the troops in the bottom right .
The narrow strip between the marsh and the town which would soon become "cannon alley". Note also the wooden bridge.
The first two battalions of my leading Brigade, Riflemen leading.

Our Napoleonics game last night (friday) went very well. I took loads of pictures but unfortunately all day today my internet was down so although they are saved on the computer I could not put any onto my blog yet.
I am at work now so I will just have to be content with describing the scenario.
Paul had seen the same battle being played at Colours so lifted the whole thing. It was an actual historical battle although I don't know when or where. I know that my lot were Danes.
I had 3 cavalry and 3 infantry brigades and a total of 3 attached light artillery batteries, plus a unit of supply wagons. That was my objective, to get the supply unit safely off the board by the route through the town. Paul's forces had to stop me.
In fact, by coincidence the scenario, mission and layout of the terrain were all almost exactly the same as a WWII game we played last year (Crossroads of death).
Possession of the town in the centre of the board would be a crucial factor.
Another thing that happened as the game developed was that most of the cavalry actions happened in a place most unsuitable for them, a narrow strip of land on the left (my left) behind the town.

More later.

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