Sunday, 11 November 2007

Gay Hussars

My good old Gay Hussars have their moment of glory. I think twice about charging the gun battery (good chance of being chopped up by canister) and decide to hit Paul's Hussars in the flank. His troopers lose the melee with casualties and are forced to retire back as seen here to the edge of the board. Oh, the glory! Notice that his line infantry on the road now have casualties due to my infantry firing in the town.
Haha! I scored a devastating hit on his lead battalion on the bridge with my artillery battery and he reels back with 25% casualties.
Oh no! The tide turns remarkably quickly. Paul's Hussars rally almost immediately and charge me in turn while I am reforming and trying to disengage. I take some casualties but get away with the enemy pursuing all the way. Note that the enemy gun battery has took fright and retreated with all the mayhem happening around them. My own horse battery do the same.
Paul's Hussars are pretty mad. They chase my cavalry down cannon alley but do not catch them. So, they see an opportunity and turn my flank, hitting my troops in the town from behind. The Rifle bn break and run down the East road, never to return. Boy light infantry can sure run fast.

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