Sunday, 11 November 2007

What happens next?

Good thing about photos taken in order is that I remember things I had forgotten. Here the third bn (of the original brigade) form square to protect from the enemy cavalry. The second bn are still in line and advancing up the road, but are being shot up badly from enemy either side in the buildings. Note in the distance that Pauls second infantry brigade, despite being shelled have now advanced and a new cavalry unit of fresh Hussars is alongside them.
Things have been happening East of the town too. The smoke is drifting over from my battery in the extreme right (you can see the horses only) which has finally got into action bombarding the houses and successfully forcing the enemy out. My other infantry brigade and its artillery are in column advancing on Paul's new forces. In the next turn, Paul's Hussars charged and swept off the board my lead battalion but the second bn and the artillery remained steady, the gun battery destroying the infantry brigade in front (which was already weakened by its disaster on the bridge.) Actually a lot has gone on between this photo and the last. I have had reinforcements of both another Cavalry unit (HeavyDragoons) and another infantry brigade. The Infantry are seen here already in line. Note that the second bn of the original infantry brigade are now gone, they broke and fled eventually due to mounting casualties. But they served their purpose.The Dragoons have chased off Paul's Hussars already up cannon alley, and my own Hussars are reformed and in reserve. The horse battery are just about to deploy again. And here are my Dragoons, on their way back down the alley again after seeing off the enemy.

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