Saturday, 10 May 2008

Vietnam update

Been gestating ideas for my 28mm Nam thingy. Is it a project yet? Hardly. Been thinking about changes to the Afriborea ruleset.
Want to keep as much of the original feel as possible, including the unit sizes.

1 unit (6 or 8 [depending on troops class] individual based= "patrol"
2 "patrols" with addition of NCO = "platoon"
2 "platoons" plus mortar base and officer= "Company"
artillery unit/heavy mg 1 gun and 5 crew
Other types of unit (ie helicopters, tank/ACAV, VC mule supply ) not yet decided; possibly a ratio to fighting units dependent on scenario.

Think it will go something like this :

Basic game will be a type of "Search and destroy" scenario. US force will operate from a corner of the board which will be the base camp/helicopter pad. US forces are visible at all times.
NVA/VC forces will initially NOT be placed on the board but positions marked on a map that duplicates the playing surface. VC force locations are known only to the VC player.
US player sends out patrols on foot or by helicopter (game may start with patrols already "in the bush") which may unwittingly "bump" or with luck (dice to spot) "spot" the enemy forces.
The US forces can then be quickly reinforced by platoon or company sized units by helicopter.
Hilltop firebases can also be established by moving (a limited number, possibly only 1) artillery units also by helicopter.
Sounds easy but the NVA/VC have heavy MGs to shoot down helicopters, and unless pinned down quickly will melt back into the jungle.

Terrain will be hills, jungle and at least one village.
A 6 x 4 feet playing area would have 216 4" hexes. An 8 x 6 feet area 432 hexes.

Victory points for both sides will be number of enemy killed (body count)

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