Sunday, 27 April 2008

Painting,Vietnam etc.

Got a few hours painting in over the weekend. Looks like it may be either the 28mm Romans or the 20mm fantassin Brits that get finished first.
The Fantassin figures are the first from this company I have painted. I found that the faces and hands were in some cases a bit poor (obviously the sculptor's weak point) but now I am on the main uniform highlights there are some nice folds and creases to follow.

Continuing with my Afriboria/Vietnam idea (cannot call it a project as yet) I checked out the Afriboria command cards that are downloadable from pdf files. Unfortunately these have photos of Zulus and stuff on them which makes them totally unsuitable so I will have to find some Vietnam pics online and make my own.
The options in 28mm for figures are four companies: Baker company, Force of Arms, The Assault Group and Chiltern Miniatures.
I havev always been a fan of Chiltern miniatures but the problem with them is one of compatibility; their sculpts are huge and do not mix well with other makes. The other three should all fit together fairly well. I have seen photos of Baker and TAG but FoA is only a listing.
My idea is for a simple, basically infantry game so no armoured vehicles are needed, but a couple of helicopters will be essential.
For the US side I am thinking initially about 36-54 figures and 1 or 2 field guns and 2 each of .50 cal and mortar bases plus the choppers .

The NVA will consist of about 48 figures plus heavy MG bases and light pack guns on jungle mule transport, backed up by....
....VC with lots of RPGs!! I think I will need about 24-32 VC. Some civilians might also be useful.

The playing area will be 6 x 4 feet, the largest area I could do at home (and that only with a lot of trouble)


Rock Chef said...

Your nam game sounds interesting - I will be interested to see how it turns out.

James said...

me too!