Thursday, 19 June 2008

current workbench update

lots of things on the go at the moment. I included a couple of pics of some of the Chiltern 1/48 Brits. These are now at the stage that, if they were 20mm minis, I would call them finished. It is very tempting to be lazy and varnish them as they are, especially as I have about 40 more to do! But I intend to try to push these and add more highlights to the uniform and webbing. The Daimler armoured car is undercoated and basecoated in GW Catachan Green . The two Dingos have been cleaned up but need some stowage before these get the same treatment, I will then paint all 3 together.

My Eagle Napoleonic figures arrived yesterday, they are fine but I have put these away with my Essex figures for the time being. A batch of stuff came from Allan at Lancashire games, The Roman Auxiliaries in the blister packs I have needed for ages, I will get started on these straight away. The 3 Napoleonic soldiers pictured are free samples Allan kindly sent me; he is good like that. I am very pleased with them. They are slightly bigger than Essex/Eagle/Old Glory but that does not matter much as they would be based in separate bns. There is a HUGE difference in price-a bn of these would cost only £14 including the command compared to around £24 for the others.
I am going to paint one or two of these up quickly to see how they look.
in addition to all the above, I have 12 20mm still on the blocks about half-way through painting.
So, everything is going steady, I just don't know which job to do first!
Gonna restrict myself to 3 projects , each of which has various sub-tasks:

1) 1/48 Chiltern:
1a) extra highlights on current figures; paint bases and varnish
1b) 10 Germans to finish
1c) Next 10 Brits to start
1d) stowage items on Dingos- duro bedrolls, packs etc.
1e) undercoat and basecoat Dingos
1f) black line all 3 vehicles

2) Lancashire 28mm Romans:
2a) Clean up 8-12 auxiliaries, stick on shields
2b) glue to painting blocks, undercoat black, begin painting as normal
2c) Finish all command figures already started (5)
2d) Order more 20 x 30mm bases from ERM
2e) texture and finish bases on the ones already rebased

3) 20mm Brits
3a) Finish these asap including odd crew figures to clear painting blocks (4 blocks)
3b) clean up cabs of 2 Bedfords, fit drivers (already painted) and assemble.
3b) undercoat and basecoat 2 Bedfords

This all sounds a lot, indeed it may take me a couple of weeks, but clearing this lot will really clear the decks and do wonders for my mental health.


Chief Rock Chef said...

You DO have a lot lined up!

I have now finished my 6mm Romans (except for another 6 cavalry which I will be ordering with my Carthaginians). I am now painting some more 15mm Crusaders and Turks for a game next week. Might not make it as getting ill mess up the timing a bit!

The Imperial Roman book for Field of Glory is out now, so I will be looking at my 28mm Romans and Dacians again.

Finally I have got plans for a futuristic robot wargame which should be fun - the basis is that the humans are dead but the robots are still fighting. Each player controls a big factory-botw which wanders around the table sucking up bits of wreckage, dead robots etc and recyling them into a variety of new battle robots. Intended to be played while drinking beer.

James said...

Glad you are all better now!
Good news about the Romans, are you going to do a photo of the whole army?
heard mixed things about FOG, mostly as usual on TMP from people who have not played it.
The robot game sounds like fun but how do the players win? Does the umpire control the collection bot?

Chief Rock Chef said...

I like FOG a lot - it is faster moving than most seem to give it credit for, with a nice mix of detail and chucking handfuls of dice. We have had quite a few dead generals in our games - putting them in the front rank gives nice bonuses and the chance of them dying seems small - a score of 12 on 2 dice if you win or draw a round of combat, 11 or 12 if you lose. But if you push your luck those high scores will turn up sooner or later!

I should be posting pics of the whole 6mm Roman army (minus the 6 cavalry that it still needs) next week.

For the Robot game, you win by destroying the enemy collection-bot. Destroying and recycling enemy robots into friendly robots is the key to this. And then there will be the choice of what type of bot to make - do you churn our rubbish or take your time and build good stuff? It should be fun to play.