Monday, 21 July 2008

A Few Pics

Just to break the monotone of too much writing here is a few pics of stuff I completed a couple of weeks back, all 20mm . The two Bedfords are basecoated and are awaiting weathering. The large group of figures are Kelly's Heroes, mostly weapons crews and HQ types; I don't need any more rank and file infantry. The photo with four seated figures are also Kelly's Heroes , this time jeep crew. I only photographed one driver but painted 3 .
The other photos are bits and bobs mostly Britannia. Sorry about the very bad photos I did them in a rush. Been painting this morning a little also.


Chief Rock Chef said...

Nice work!

I did not get anything done last week, being too busy with housework and stuff!

Hope to get some fantasy stuff done this week - I am going to be putting on a fantasy skirmish next month.

James said...

Hi John I missed your comments! I thought you went camping?

Fantasy skirmish sounds interesting, tell me more what scale, rules and minis?

Chief Rock Chef said...

Camping is in August - still getting organised!

The fantasy game will be done using a variety of 15mm minis, eg Chariot, Ral Partha, Irregular, with some Peter Pig Indians mounted on Bison, plus a few 28mm minis being used as bigger creatures, eg GW Goblins become trolls. The rules will be the old Runequest RPG with modified movement rules. Should be fun.