Sunday, 5 April 2009

OOB for German Recce bns

One advantage of me buying diecasts and models again is that I almost have all the stuff I need to finish off some wargames units I was planning.
Reconnaissance units can be very important in WWII wargames especially in encounter type scenarios. So I planned to paint up TWO complete battalions for the German side. One is late war, one is early war .

I am putting the OOBs up here for reference. By the way these are WARGAMING OOBs tailored for the ruleset that I play; they are an APPROXIMATION of true OOBs, open to interpretation so nobody should get their knickers in a twist.


Bn HQ: Heavy staff car

signal pl: sdkfz 251/3 half track
supply pl: Opel Blitz truck

coy HQ: sdkfz 234/3 (75mm howitzer)
4 pl each: 1 sdkfz 234 Puma

1st RECCE COY (half tracks):
coy HQ: sdkfz250/3
3 pl each: 1 sdkfz 250
heavy pl: 250/7 80mm mortar
support pl: 250/8 75mm howitzer

2nd RECCE COY (kubelwagens)
coy HQ: radio kubel
3 pl each: 1 kubel
MG pl: 1 kubel

Optional: I am not sure that there should not be a Heavy Company with towed AT, Engineer and possibly, by this stage of the war, light AA pl.
I need to investigate this further but the original internet sources I made this OOB from have gone down.

EARLY WAR 1939-41 (Blitzkreig era)

Note: I took liberties with the number of a/cars, there should be TWO a/car coys but because of the cost of the a/car models I have only one of these and TWO m/c coys instead.

Bn HQ: sdkfz 261

signal pl: hvy field car (radio)

supply pl: Opel Blitz truck


coy HQ: sdkfz 221 or 223

4 pl each: 1 sdkfz 222

heavy pl: sdkfz 232 (6 rad)


coy HQ: Kubel (radio)

3pl each 1 m/c combi

2nd M/C COY:

as above.


coy HQ: field car

at gun pl: PAK 36 and towing vehicle (seperate gun model for deployed AT gun)

cannon pl: IG 18 and towing vehicle (seperate gun model for deployed Infantry gun)

engineer pl: light truck or heavy field car. Seperate base for engineers when deployed, or boat model)


Chief Rock Chef said...

I like the late war recce units - I think that these were often a real mish-mash of stuff.

My 28mm Saxons and Normans are well on the way to completion now - love them. Will put photos on my blog when I have got the bases done.

James said...

Yes- I have just discovered some units had an extra coy of 250/9 half tracks with the 20mm turret of the 222....would like to work those in somewhere...

Look forward to seeing your Dark Age stuff

Chief Rock Chef said...

I think that german half track variants could be a hobby all on their own! Sneak in a 251 with a Pak 40, etc...

James said...

Nah I didn't like that variant.....besides a 251 would be stretching a point, 251 series was for panzer grenadiers, the recce bns had the 250 series....