Monday, 6 June 2011

more thoughts on SciFi project

Been musing at work today on unit composition...I enjoy constructing Orders Of the moment I am thinking about the Rebel units. This is my prospective Rebel force , subject to change of course; it will represent a fortified section of the front bordering the Wastelands.

Commander, Robot, Technician, (Pig Iron) other figures as needed.

Force Troops:
2 x 10 man Conscript Squads. These from Pig Iron. Standard Kolony militia made up from all the various sets. One squad has option to be motorized, various converted scratch built vehicles.

1 x 10 man Veteran Squad. Pig Iron Kolony Rebels, some light conversion. These are a unit that has been in action so long they are now contaminated at gene level and can no longer return home. They know they are dead men walking and have a fierce esprit de corps. May paint them up with special unit insignia or something. They are extremely important to the commander, used for long range patrols and intelligence gathering.

1 x 7- man Elite Squad. Ironwind Neo Soviets. Just because I have a few already.

I Walker squad. 3 Warzone models, crew fitted with Pig Iron heads.

1 x Weapon squad. Pig Iron Kolony Militia missile set, perhaps with addition of a 40K tripod mounted weapon or 2.

1 x tank. Converted 1/35 panzer IF.

Mercenary Troops.
This sector of the front has received reinforcement from High Command of 1 or 2 squads max of offworld mercenary troops. The mercs available to the Rebel government are of variable quality, have their own different weapons and equipment. These are old Warzone figures I already own. Only available during games where attack is planned.

Fortified Base Troops.
This sector of the front has an allotment of heavy weapons . These will be from Old Crow and few GW 40K models I pick up off Ebay. The crews of these are only nominally under the command of the unit commander, belonging to a Fortress unit.

Wasteland Units.
Outside the security of the base lies the terrible ruined Wastelands..... There are some units here under the command of the Sector HQ.

1x 10 man Feral Militia squad (Pig Iron Ferals) These are the remnants of soldiers who have been in action for decades, now physically manky, mutated and damaged.... however to counter the new threat of the Union Genetic Troopers, the Rebel government has re-equipped certain of these and banded them into adhoc units..they fight in return for food and medicines. They are however of low quality.

1x mutant handler squad. See fluff a couple of posts back. 1 handler and 3 mutants. All to come from Ironwind.

1 x Cyclops squad. 1 handler and 3 cyclops. Ironwind.

1 Chemgrunt squad. Ironwind. Because the minis are so damn cool.

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