Saturday, 18 June 2011

Sci Fi Project update

Sorry no pictures again. But collecting various bits and pieces for this, looks like it is going to be a real project.

I won a few 40K bits from Ebay at low prices, mainly heavy weapons. However the 3 I bought for a couple of quid from one seller arrived all broken. The retard had put then in a jiffy bag without any extra packing at all. They could not have been more broken if he had stamped on the bag before posting it.

Thanks to my friend Mattbot however I now have 4 lascannon , 3 autocannon, 4 heavy bolters, 4 mortars and 4 bazookas to play around with on sprues that were surplus to his requirements.

The two types of cannon I will use for the fixed emplacements of the Fortess Artillery. The heavy bolters (which I don't like) I will add 40mm barrels from Old Crow on the ends, pair them up and convert them into twin anti-aircraft guns on scratchbuilt carriages.

The mortars are quite poor IMO, I only need one mortar for my weapon squad which I will scratchbuild the tube but use the GW bipod.

Crews for all the above will need to be converted . The base figures I fancy are -believe it or not- WWI early War French from Renegade as they have the exact baggy trousers and open greatcoats as the Pig Iron Kolony Militia. The heads, and detail on the torsos does not matter as this will be remodelled and heads and weapons replaced. I tried to add a photo from the web but it would not work. Maybe next post.

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