Friday, 25 April 2008

Afriboria rules

Last couple of weeks I have been reading some old colonial rulesets. One of them is Patrols in the Sudan (PitS) by the Weymouth based RFCM/Peter Pig group. The thing I liked about this set is that although the Dervishes were disadvantaged technologically they could disappear into terrain features and then pop up on another part of the board entirely- which must make for fun games. When I first read these rules a year or so ago the thing that put me off was the organisation of the colonial units. They were not split into historically accurate sections/companies which I was somewhat fixated on. However, nowadays I am willing to accept a far greater level of abstraction after all it's only a game....
Another set I like the look of is Afriboria, a free download set from TSOA (Tin Soldiers of Antwerp written by Rudi Geudens.
The appeal here is that it uses hexes and the number of 28mm figures needed for a unit is small (6 or 8 for infantry or a field gun/MG and crew).
Then an idea hit me.
Why not use Afriboria for Vietnam?
After all that conflict was basically colonial in nature, with a mighty technological army and powerful weapons unable to get to grips with a native enemy wearing sandals made of discarded tyres etc etc. You get the picture I am sure.
My half formed idea solidified last night and I read Afriboria through again. Everything is in there already, it just needs tweaking.
I envision a battalion level game with the smallest unit being a platoon. (Although there will be a level of abstraction in the ToEs)
I will have to allow for mortars, and some provision on the US side for indirect fire called in by HQs.
Also I will have to write some extra rules for use of helicopters as transport.
But the grunts will not have everything their own way. I might add the ability to appear and disappear into the jungle for the VC from the PiTs rules.
The sensible thing would be to do this in 20mm, especially as Paul is already building up a nam game in that scale. But I have decided because of my eyesight not to start any new 20mm projects only finish what I have started.
So starting looking at 28mm Vietnam ranges as of today.....I will keep readers informed .

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